Comic Book Store Receives Stimulus Package: Spider-Man Meets President Obama!

A new store could not have asked for a better advertising campaign that has brought out so many fans of our favorite web-slinger Spider-Man and our new President, Barack Obama.

Calls for the Amazing Spider-Man 583, began well before the actual release of the comic book. At the store we had a list several pages long of fans wanting the special issue within a few days. President Obama appears to have given comic shops their very own Stimulus Package!

This was a great opportunity for our new store to grow our customer base. We had done very well with the comic book Presidential Material: Barack Obama and we knew our customers would want this issue. Amazing Spider-Man 583 was originally solicited as retailer incentive to increase sales from previous Spider-man issues. Retailers needed to increase their ordering for this issue from a previous issue ordered. As a new account we hadn’t ordered that previous issue as we weren‘t open yet!

This requirement prevented us from ordering the now famous special President Obama cover to Amazing Spider-man 583. A new store in the heart of Hyde Park and we couldn’t order the meeting of Spider-man and President Obama. We began to panic! The phone did not stop and our list grew. We knew we would be in real trouble once the media at large began to report the incredible meeting.

Thankfully, we have some good friends up north, Brainstorm Movies, Comics & Gaming, who helped us secure copies for our ever growing list. (If you are ever up north check out their great store!) For a new store like us, this brought many new customers to our door. Panic in the short term was averted. We had copies for our customers.

As demand grew,  Marvel Comics announced a new printing for the continued surge of fans wanting copies of this historic issue! We doubled our orders for this 2nd edition of Amazing Spider-man 583! Unbelievably, we sold out by pre-orders in less than a day and a half, and the issue hadn’t even been released yet! We began taking reservations for future printings and tripled our orders when the 3rd edition of Amazing Spider-man 583 was announced! Every time a customer bought copies and told family and friends we received another round of calls. We are now taking orders for the 4th and 5th printings of this amazing book. The fourth edition is due out this coming Wednesday (2/04/09).

The following is an official statement from First Aid Comics to our new President, President Barack Obama:

“Anytime you want free comics, stop by and we’ll take care of your comic needs! Congratulations on your well deserved election. Thank you. And if you see Spider-Man again, tell him thank you too.”

Thanks to all the new customers we’ve seen, it has been great meeting everyone and talking comics.

James Nurss


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