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Our first year of FREE COMIC BOOK DAY!
Mark your calendar for May 2nd, 2009, it is a comic book holiday! FIRST AID COMICS will be giving away free comics! All kinds of comics for young and old readers!  Here is a small sampling of free comics we will have available:

Green Lantern: The Blackest Night
Disney/Pixar’s Cars
Shonen Jump
Star Wars-The Clone Wars
The Avengers
Archie Comics
Transformers Animated
G.I. Joe
Teenage Mutant Turtles
Nancy & Melvin Monster

This is a great time for new readers to try comics and readers who have drifted away to come back to the hobby and pick up a new comic (FREE!).  Comics are a gateway to loving reading. Come and visit FIRST AID COMICS on May 2nd and pick up a couple of comics.

For more information, check out the website for FREE COMIC BOOK DAY:
NOTE: The tiny fine print, there is a limit of two comics per customer.

FIRST AID COMICS received yet another lucky break and made the big time with an article in the CHICAGO TRIBUNE. Check out this incredible story:,0,3526628.story
The cartoon even looks like me! Well, okay I don’t look that good, but stop by the store and meet me in person, you make the call, how close is it?!


As FIRST AID COMICS continues advertising (watch for our commercials on MeTV and MeToo) and word of mouth continues to spread, we know we’ll keep seeing this great growth.  Meeting the number of new customers each week and the growing number of regulars, gives me hope that FIRST AID COMICS will be in Hyde Park for many years to come.  Much of this success comes from the amazing luck of President Obama meeting Spider-Man, and  now lightening strikes twice with Michelle Obama coming to the pages of comics!  At the end of April, Michelle Obama get’s her turn to top the sales of comics, with her own appearance in Female Force: Michelle Obama. Check out the story in the CHICAGO TRIBUNE:,0,2779211.story
Yes, we are happy to take your orders in advance for your copy, just give us a call: (773) 75-COMIC.

Here are a few ideas we are developing as FIRST AID COMICS grows.

  • We hope to have a monthly newsletter giving updates for new releases and comic industry events. The newsletter will include customer and employee reviews on comics, old and new.
  • Sales BIG Sales!!!
  • Gaming Tournaments, or at least coordinating  events, until we have a bigger space. We have neighbors planning new Yi Gi Oh tournaments, more to come on that, as we receive the information.
    LOCATION: Candy Store 1438 E. 52nd Street, Chicago, IL 60615
    DATE & TIME: SATURDAY APRIL 25TH 1:30pm to 5:00pm

Please stop by and let me know what you are looking for in your friendly neighborhood comic shop!