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The Latest Medical Update

A lot going on this month! The relatives (aka The Investors) come to visit! Yikes. I may have to vacuum the floor and polish the door knobs! So if you visit please smile a lot and say nice things.

Also we have our first appearance at the Windy City Con, just up north. Saturday: SEPTEMBER 19th! We’ll have lots of deals and inventory not seen in the store! I am bringing the warehouse back issue inventory. Kenya, Jay and Izzi have been working very hard for months processing and organizing these back issues. Lots of modern, bronze and silver age books.

Coming in early October is the Black Age of Comics Convention and we’ll be doing some creator signings right here at FIRST AID COMICS! Don’t ask me how it is all going to fit, but we’ll figure it out. We are really looking forward to participating in this great event.

Theme: ” The Black Age is the indie-alternative”.
Dates: Oct. 9th, Oct. 10th, and Oct. 11th, 2009
Location: Kenwood Academy HS
5015 so. Blackstone ave. Hyde Park, Chicago, Obamatown USA.
on the Lake Park side and entrance.
Admission: $5.00 Adults $2.00 Kids

Program: Oct. 9th Eric Battle, that Black Age great and illustrator for DC Comic’s Spectre and Batman along with other amazing projects will be signing his books and kickin’ it with fans, collectors, students, and everybody else at the Graham Crackers Mega Comic Book Store at 77 East Madison Ave. in downtown Chicago and later that day at the First Aid Comic Book Store in Hyde Park. The next day he will be featured in workshops and the like at the Kenwood location from 9:30am to 4:30pm.

Oct. 10th. “BLACK AGE XII” will be at the Kenwood location as listed above. It will feature Doc & the INTER-FAN crew doing a presentation on the late legendary Black Age Underground Comix master creator and innovator, Grass Green. They will also be holding it down for the radical indie-alternative comic book crowd. There will be an indie video competition and a viewing of the first ONYX CON DVD from Atlanta and the Chicago Comic Con this past summer.

Yesterday, Kevin Smith from came to the store and interviewed ME! (I know! Why?) But they also got to interview Rhymefest and Turtel Onli from ONLI Studios (The Black Age of Comics) about comics! Great interviews! We’ll be adding a link to the show once it is available, so watch for more on that!
(MOM ALERT: If you click the above link, it is a bit sexy. Not, that I am sexy, heck no! Just some of the other stories on the site are a bit sexy.)


We are starting weekly Friday night MAGIC tournaments.Time: 6:30 pm – 9:30 pm on Fridays
Format: 3 Booster Draft ($15.00 Entrance Fee)
First Place   4 Boosters
Second Place    3 Boosters
Third Place    2 Boosters
Fourth Place    2 Boosters
We have an experienced Judge, Joshua Knox, who has been running events for 2 years and knows Magic. For now, our tournaments will be unofficial, but we’ve signed up with Wizards Play Network and should start receiving official prize support in the future.
More to come…But for now come out tonight, FRIDAY, and try out our Magic games!

Thanks for your support! I look forward to seeing you on your next visit!

James Nurss

The New Release List and Club Solicits follow. Thanks to Jay deMedici for the clever solicits!

And as always the final word from RHYMEFEST:
“You Need First Aid!”

First Aid Comics TV Spot
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