Right off, thanks to all for coming in for our Halloween Sale last week! It was a big success and we’ll be sure to make this an annual event. Lots of great costumes! Thor and Loki take first prize!

Just in from our new neighbors, GreekTown A&P, newly made FIRST AID COMICS T-Shirts! Check out these:

FAC T-Shirts

Yours for the low low price of only $9.99! Hey we need to name our cute doctor zombie, any ideas?


FIRST AID COMICS returns to MeTV and MeTOO, watch for our Rhymefest commercial during Star Trek and Adventures of Superman!
Our original 30 second spot will be running on Get Smart!

Here are the next upcoming times:
Star Trek 11/06/09 8.56:50pm MeTOO
Adventures of Superman 11/07/09 5:27:59pm MeTOO
Get Smart 11/07/09 12:03:39pm MeTV



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