Medical Update: For 2010


Our first year has been really good, thanks to all of our customers, and especially to our club members! First Aid has continued to slowly grow increasing the store’s customer base, and we’ve now set a goal for this year to begin planning for a larger retail space in the neighborhood by 2011! Happy New Year everyone and thanks again for your business, I look forward to another great year.

This last week has been a lot of fun. The New Year Eve’s Eve celebration and sale were a huge success. Lots of people came in and hung out for the celebration and Independent Comic Week.
A special thanks goes out to Turtel Onli creator of Future Funk and many other great titles from Onli Studios. Also to Nikola Jajic and Michael Czerniawski creators of The Big Bad Book. We hope to have Nik and Michael back in a few months for a book signing!

Kevin Smith from Area309 also came back in to film some customer interviews for the story he has been working on about comics. He hopes to have a link up soon for us to check out, including a recent interview with Rhymefest.

Finally check out this link to an internet radio site, WGCR.US. Local DJ Justice has a program that runs on Saturdays at 6:00 pm. He often gives us a nod on his program, he is a great guy! Check out his show.

If you are home relaxing tonight and tomorrow check out our commercial on MeToo TV!
Channel 26.3 or 48:
01/01/2010 9:05 pm on Star Trek The Next Generation
01/02/2010 4:14 pm on Batman (The 60s TV Show)

Have a great weekend everyone!


James Nurss


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