Medical Report 02/12/2010

Another week with another truck disaster. From Diamond Comics Distribution:

Due to a weather related accident involving a truck carrying product to the Plattsburgh Distribution Center, retailers serviced out of Plattsburgh may experience some delays in the availability of invoicing files and some allocated product for their 2/17 shipments
Unfortunately, this was major accident with 2 drivers hospitalized with serious injuries, and our thoughts and prayers are with each of them….Because of some damaged product, Plattsburgh retailers may also be allocated on some product.

Once again, First Aid does not appear to be affected by the allocations and we will have plenty of product on our shelves this Wednesday.

Next week our appearance in Time Out Chicago magazine should be happening. We will appear in their Store Explorer feature due out February 18th!
The best part will be the sexy photo spread of me, in my different classic comic book guy outfits.

May 1st is FREE COMIC BOOK DAY! Save the date and schedule your friends and family for a visit to the comic shop! We’ll have lots of free comics, posters, and heroclixs! And a sale? Hmmm…

Have a great weekend everyone!

James Nurss


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