MEDICAL UPDATE: 03/19/2010


March 19th 4:30pm

The creators of THE BIG BAD BOOK will be here signing copies of their book The Big Bad Book.

Stop on by and meet these great guys!


I was so happy to bring the Florida weather back to Chicago with me. Ah…isn’t this nice?! I am thinking about taking the muffler off my car, come on Earth warm up! (I refuse to accept that tomorrow we may have a snow storm! It just isn’t cool!)

Finished reading Siege #3 last night. I am so glad Captain America is back at the helm! And Tony makes his big return, about time! Give me some real AVENGERS! WooHoo.

Returning next month are our Club Solicits! Dio will be taking control and getting us back up and running with our monthly ordering reminders. Watch for them in your club box.

May 1st is FREE COMIC BOOK DAY! Save the date and schedule your friends and family for a visit to the comic shop! We’ll have lots of free comics, posters, heroclixs and … A BIG SALE! There are also rumors that a superhero like Spider-Man may make an appearance too!


James Nurss

And as always the final word from RHYMEFEST:

“You Need First Aid!”


One response to “MEDICAL UPDATE: 03/19/2010

  1. We can’t wait to hang out with you guys!

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