MEDICAL UPDATE: 03/26/2010

I sat down with NEMESIS last night, the new Mark Millar book! If you liked Kick Ass this is a great book to pick up. Violence and terror throughout the book and Steve McNiven’s art doesn’t miss a beat of the story.

If you aren’t reading DOOMWAR, you are really missing out. Doom is at his evil worst, out maneuvering the heroes with deadly consequence. Defiantly read this book.

UofC students are off on spring break, but we are still meeting for our Friday Night Magic Tournament. I’m betting when UofC students come back they’ll have sand in their Magic decks! Than they’ll be sorry they went to the beach on vacation instead of coming to FIRST AID COMICS for FNM!

Less than FIVE weeks until May 1st and FREE COMIC BOOK DAY! Save the date and schedule your friends and family for a visit to the comic shop! We’ll have lots of free comics, posters, heroclixs and … There are also rumors that a superhero like Spider-Man or Doctor Voodoo may make an appearance too!

On FREE COMIC BOOK DAY we’ll also be having a STORE WIDE SALE, so stop in and grab your free comics and get some great deals!

Pictures from last week’s signing:

Me and the creators of THE BIG BAD BOOK!

Pick up a signed copy!


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