Medical Report: 04/09/2010

The final countdown has begun. April 16th, is only 6 days away!
Here at First Aid Comics, with our nerves of steel, we know we are ready. Booth 918 will have the shows best deals and greatest comics.
Defiantly, stop by our booth and say hello.

On Saturday4/17/10, a good friend of FAC will be presenting a sketch comedy show at C2E2.  Joe Slepski wrote, produced, and put together a team to bring Half in the Bag and Bored to C2E2! Check out his show from 2:45-3:45 on Saturday right at the show on the Variant Stage.

Half in the Bag and Bored

Open the door to Mid Grade Comics, where two comic shop owners lovingly skewer comic books,
superheroes and the comics Industry. Shane and Nick take you on a journey through the world of capes,
tights and superpowers. If you love comic books or are swept up in the latest superhero craze, this is the show for you!

Originally written and produced for the C2E2 Chicago Comic & Entertainment Expo,
this is the one night premiere for fans that can’t attend the convention.

Written and Produced by Joe Goltz & Joe Slepski, “Half in the Bag and Bored” is directed by Jason Chin
and stars the two Joes, Rammel Chan, Mark Denny, Alex Kendig, Ana Radice, Jeff Ringgenberg,
Siobhan Thompson, and Kelsey Wild.


First Aid Comics gives a big nod to Rhymefest and his Misery superhero creation, also used in our TV spot. Check out the article on Snoop Dogg and black super-heroes. Despite the dismissive attitude of the article, the discussion of the role/image of black super heroes is very interesting one. Misery can stop by the shop anytime, as long as he leaves it in one piece!

Have a great weekend everyone! See you at C2E2 or the store!


James Nurss


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