MEDICAL UPDATE: 05/07/2010

Thank you to everyone for coming to Free Comic Book Day! Wow, what a great time on Saturday. Julian Berke and Ryan Priester provided some great music to make the celebration really rock. We gave out a lot of comics and met a lot of new people. Enjoyed seeing old friends and the latest work of Rene Castellano and David Gruba! Thank you all!

Ryan and Julian Warm Up for FCBD

Ryan Priester

Julian Berke

Kim-Mei Explains Free Comic Book Day to the Comic Book Guy! Free huh?

Comic Book Guy Wonders, "Do we have enough FREE books? eep!"

Hanging Out on FCBD!

Digging for Treasure in the 4 for $1.00 Bins!

FCBD The Crowd has arrived!

David Gruba: Talks about his latest release, Bride of the Wolfman

Action Shot: Comic Book Guy makes change!

Ah...I am fearing a new tradition: The Comic Guy Dance!

Mark your calendar for these up coming events:

May 14th-16th SpringCon! If you have an afternoon off, head up to St. Paul, Minnesota for a great convention! Check out the guest list.

May 19th Avengers Party! Come by the shop on Wednesday, May 19th for an Avengers Party! We are celebrating with cake and games! We will be playing the Captain America board game, the grand prize to be determined. We’ll be hanging out and remembering our favorite Avengers Stories. Ah…you can’t say First Aid Comics isn’t hip!

May 22nd Summit City Con! A very close by show with a lot of Chicago creators attending.

May 28th Mystery Event! Limited availability.

May 29th Official YuGiOh Tournament! Finally, we are beginning the much requested YuGiOh games. More to come on this development. Thomas Matthews will be running our games and currently we’ve planned to run games weekly  on Saturdays (12:30 to 3:00).

Have a great weekend! Stop by the shop and say hello anytime.


James Nurss


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