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MEDICAL REPORT: Er…August 27th, 2010

Recovery has begun at First Aid from Chicago Comic Con. Whew!
A good show for comic buyers, lots of great deals from dealers all around the country. Lots of great reading material for mere pennies. Our booth sold a lot of comics and also negotiated a deal to buy another silver age collection later in the month. Unfortunately, we did not sell the Superman #1 this weekend, we were not able to realize the price needed to sell.

Next weekend we are headed up to Edge Comic Con in Edgerton, Wisconsin to buy special orders and restock for the shop.

October 16th, 2010 9am to 4:30pm
Kenwood Academy High School
5015 S. Blackstone Ave

A great convention right here in the neighborhood!


MEDICAL REPORT: August 6th, 2010

Working late last night, I sat back and realized the shop was now almost two years old!  Over the last couple years we’ve increased our customer base, added gaming tournaments and made many new friends. Our customers have made the store great. And while at times I think to myself that I must be crazy, it is defiantly worth it. Than I ate a big piece of pie and fell asleep.

Watch for more exciting events in November to celebrate our two year anniversary. We are currently planning a cross promotion with three other stores up north and a huge sale at the end of November.

In the meantime…
This weekend we have YuGiOh and Magic tournaments.
Magic Players: This Saturday (8/7/2010) we begin our Standard Tournaments! Bring your deck at 3:30 to the Game Room and play.