MEDICAL REPORT: 09/24/2010

The end of 2010 is looming large and our second year anniversary is coming fast. The month of November will be a busy one with our 3-day two year anniversary sale (Nov. 26-28)

Plus the whole month of November we will be participating in the Comic Shop Crawl, a chance to visit other great comic shops in Chicago and get discounts! I am thinking a customer group field trip would be a great time, not to mention the party with all four stores on December 4th!

More immediately we have events in the month of October, particularly the Uncanny X-Force #1 Release Party.

AND the Black Age of Comics returns again this year on October 16th. This is a great opportunity to meet sequential art creators that are really in the trenches doing the work. First Aid Comics, looks to continue growing our participation in this event.

Magic Players mark your calendars for these upcoming dates: October 2nd SCARS Release Party and October 30th SCARS Game Day Event!

And tonight we have M11 boosters for the draft!

The Upcoming Events:
1. UNCANNY X-FORCE PARTY: October 6th!
2. Black Age XIII of comics! October 16th!
3. Comic Shop Crawl: 4 Great Stores & $1000.00 in Prizes!
4. Big 2nd Year Anniversary Sale: November 26th, 27th & 28th!
5. At the Hyde Parks Art Center join the mischief October 30th!


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