2011 SALE Schedule: Mark Your Calendars

FEBRUARY 16th Wednesday
The Jilted Lover’s Day Sale
GN/TPB Sale: Buy 2 Get 1 FREE!
25% Off Hardcovers

APRIL 22nd to 24th Friday, Saturday & Sunday
Why Isn’t it Summer Yet? Sale
Storewide 20% off SALE! Everything in the store is 20% off!
(This is sale where James goes crazy and sells everything on the cheap!)

Celebrate Comics:Live Music & Free Comics!
New Comics on the shelves ONLY $2 Each
(Except the newest issue & bagged Variants)

JULY 1st to 4th Friday, Saturday, Sunday & Monday
July’s Fantastic Four Day Sale
Each day represented by a different member of the FF!
Friday: Invisible Woman
Saturday: The Torch
Sunday: Mr. Fantastic
Monday: The Thing!
More details to be announced, keep watching…

SEPTEMBER 14th Wednesday
Draw your own discount day!
This day each customer will draw the size of their sale discount from a fish bowl. (Don’t worry no fish will be hurt during this sale.)
You could receive 10%, 20%, 30% or 40% OFF!
Bring your wallet and your luck for a fun sale!

OCTOBER 29th to 31st Saturday, Sunday & Monday
Wear a Costume get a Bonus Discount!
This will either be a Halloween Sale or Moving Sale.
50% Off Back Issues (Brought in from our Warehouse!)
30% Off Store Back Issues
20% Off Newer Comics (Comics on the racks)
Plus more discounts to be announced.

Write down the dates! Don’t miss out on the deals!


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