In The Waiting Room with Dio & Kenny

June 8th, 2011

Lots happening at First Aid Comics, check out all the news.

PODCAST: In The Waiting Room with Dio & Kenny
Dio and Kenny continue to develop our weekly Podcast, but have yet to settle upon a name. Got a suggestion that fits our medical theme? Let us know.
In the meantime, check out weekly episodes right here on the website. Last week’s episode includes a discussion with HARRISON about the big DC Comics Relaunch.

Kenny and Dio Week 5!

Don’t forget the upcoming July 8th, 9th and 10th annual event:
The Black Age of Comics XIV! This year on Friday July 8th, we’ll be holding a store signing with some of the events biggest creators!

 STORE SALE: July’s Fantastic Four Day Sale
JULY 1st to 4th Friday, Saturday, Sunday & Monday
Each day represented by a different member of the FF!
Friday: Invisible Woman
Saturday: The Torch
Sunday: Mr. Fantastic
Monday: The Thing! (Yes The Thing, this isn’t the Future Foundation!)
More details to be announced, keep watching…

D&D, Dungeons and Dragons coming on Wednesday nights. We are looking to start by the end of the month. If you are interested, please let me know. More to come soon…

Still trying to figure out the time slot, looking like Saturday afternoons. Probably starting next month.

Friday Night Magic remains on Fridays with a 3-Pack Draft format. Players should arrive at 6:30pm, game starts at 7:00pm sharp!

NEW! STANDARD Event, moved to Thursday nights, starting June 30th! Bring your own deck with only a $5.00 entrance fee. We’ll also be running more special events on these nights.

  • Don’t forget this Saturday, June 11th at 3:00,  is our MAGIC: GAME DAY EVENT! Standard Constructed Deck Event. $5.00 Admission. This will be our last Saturday Magic event!
  • UNOFFICIAL COMMANDER DECK EVENT: Friday June 17th! Arrive at 6:30, game starts at 7:00 no delays, so don’t be late! Check out our Magic events page for details!


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