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STORE SIGNING: Wednesday January 25th 5-7pm

Wednesday January 25th 5:30-7pm
Come meet Hyde Park writer Andrew Rostan!

An Elegy for Amelia Johnson

A Graphic Novel by Andrew Rostan, Dave Valeza. and Kate Kasenow
Named one of the Best Graphic Novels of 2011 by USA Today.
Elegy is the kind of book you’ll read and not be quite the same afterwards.” Brian Truitt 

Andrew J. Rostan was born in Youngstown, Ohio, went to college in Boston and a small town in the Netherlands, and wrote the vast majority of An Elegy For Amelia Johnson in Los Angeles, where he lived from 2007 to 2009. He concurrently produced several unpublished and very, very bad projects, which he was able to do thanks to five victories on Jeopardy! After receiving a moment of clarity at a monastery which later burned to the ground, Rostan moved to Chicago and earned his master’s degree in the Humanities, therefore qualifying him for any job on the market. Today Rostan still lives in Chicago where, when not working on his next books, he is applying for doctoral programs, teaching, working for an insurance company in what will always be the Sears Tower, and cooking near-gourmet meals. His inspirations are his parents, Harry Chapin, Robert Bolt, Woody Allen, and Anthony Trollope. He will talk about old movies, classic rock, fiction, and baseball for hours if you get him started. 
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