Where’s Marvel Comics the Black Panther Movie?

Words by Cardell Phillips

I was scouring the Internet, looking for happenings in Chicago, when I noticed that the Comic and Entertainment Expo, C2E2, was coming to town. Digging for more news about the event, I stumbled across a video about Stan Lee.

Stan Lee and Jack (King) Kirby, the writer and artist tandem behind Marvel comics golden era during the 1960’s, are two of my favorite heroes. But that’s because of what I know about them now; back when I was a kid, all I knew was the characters they created had problems and insecurities just like everybody else but they still managed to save the world and I loved that. It made them more believable.

Daredevil was blind, Iron Man had a heart condition, the Thing was Ugly, Spider-Man was insecure and the Hulk had anger management issues. And there were a group of characters who had it even worse; the X-men (hippies) and the Black Panther (a Black African) were outcasts as well as outsiders.

Lee and Kirby’s riskiest bet was the Black Panther, the first black superhero in mainstream American comics. When he debuted on the cover of the Fantastic Four #52, me and my buddies were simply amazed; not only was there now a black superhero, but he was fighting alongside the Fantastic Four, the baddest super-hero team on the planet and galaxy class butt-kickers!

“With Great Power: The Stan Lee Story”

I shelled out the then princely sum of twenty-four cents for two books, one to read; one to put in a plastic sleeve and store in the high security vault under my bed. As I drank in the images on the cover of the book – the Black Panther leaping into action alongside the Fantastic Four – I realized that the world had somehow changed and my dreams became brighter.

At the E2C2 convention, the comic book industry celebrated Lee and Kirby’s vision but we haven’t quite lived up to it yet. If you’re a comics fan, I bet you know where I’m going with this and no; Samuel Jackson as Nick Fury is not going to get it done. All Jackson does in that role is talk tough. Although, I have to admit he looks good in his floor length leather coat.

What I want to see, and I’m sure millions of fans want to see as well, is a movie starring the Black Panther.

How about Djimon Hounsou, in the role of the Black Panther? Is he perfect for the role or what? And he brings all of that street cred from the Gladiator movie.

In January of 2011, it was reported in the Hollywood Reporter that Marvel Studios hired documentarian Mark Bailey to draft a Black Panther screenplay. But there’s been no official word yet as to when the Black Panther might come to the silver screen.

So, what’s the hold up? We’ve seen like a zillion X-Men movies, let’s get to work on the Black Panther movie and tip our hats to Mr. Lee and Mr. Kirby who created a world where anyone, even outsiders and outcasts, could be a hero and save the world. That idea is what made Marvel great.

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Cardell Phillips is a blogger, writer and photographer who resides in Hyde Park. You can visit his blog about people, places and things in Chicago at http://talesofthewindycity.wordpress.com


7 responses to “Where’s Marvel Comics the Black Panther Movie?

  1. I am right there with you, I’m doing the same thing, looking for updates and progress on the Black Panther movie project and I can’t find any. I’d heard that Terrence Howard was supposed to play the part which is why he hadn’t returned as Lt Col. James Rhodes in the second Iron Man installment. I do firmly believe that Black Panther as a movie will do fantastically well, my only hope is that they go with the Ultimate Avengers format of the superhero and leave the cape out of it. I love Edna Mode’s description of capes in the Incredible’s!

  2. Terrance Howard huh, not my first choice, he doesn’t project that air of menace. You know, he’s more of a lover type. Hmmmm, that would get the ladies to buy in. So it may be a Hollywood type of decision. I’d take him if that meant getting the movie made. He’s a good actor and could probably pull it off. They’d have to do something about his hazel/green eyes though. I agree, the cape has to go.

  3. Nate Parker from ‘Red Tails’ would be my first choice to play T’Challa. He was so good in that film and in ‘The Great Debaters’. Marvel should ask Denzel to play the role of T’Chaka. His brief time on screen would have the same impact that Marlon Brando did in the first Superman movie.

    • Oh man, you’re a genius Xmasevebaby! I could see Parker as the Black Panther real easy. He’s the middle ground between Djimon Hounsou and Terrance Howard. And Denzel as TChaka? OMG yes. The buzz around that first Superman movie was that Marlon Brando, the great actor, was going to play Jor-El. Everybody wanted to see it. With Denzel on board as T’Chaka, the Black Panther movie would be a fearsome blockbuster. Who do you think should play the love interest of T’Challa? Ororo?

  4. Naw, Fox won’t let Storm appear in a Marvel Studios film. They should just bring in the character of singer, Monica Lynne.

    Jennifer Hudson has both the pipes and the Oscar pedigree that Marvel has required from the actors in recent films…plus, she’s fine as hell.


    i think the black panther is one of the most serious superheroes out there he gained my respect with the fantastic four and when he fought captain america when they were young and defeated him and decided to join the avengers after he understood he needed their help in his homeland wesley snipes would fit this role perfectly . i wonder who will play him



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