Monthly Archives: June 2012

STORE SIGNING & BOOK TALK: August 9th 6:30pm

Check out the Bottled City of Kandor, built by First Aid Comics club member Dave Kaleta in anticipation of Larry Tye’s Superman book signing!
Come meet Larry on Thursday and see the famous bottled city!

“The former capital city of Kal-El’s home planet of Krypton was stolen and miniaturized by the calculating Brainiac. Superman keeps the city in his Fortress of Solitude and strives to restore its citizens to normal size.”

Join FIRST AID COMICS on July 4th for the Parade on 53rd Street!

A Great Opportunity For A Young Comic Artist!

South Side Comic Con: June 17th 10-5pm! Only 2 Weeks Away!

Father’s Day Weekend June 17th THIS SUNDAY!
A great time for fathers and families to enjoy comic books together!
Meet local artists and pick up some original art!
A huge selection of Action Figures, Comic Books, and Collectibles!
Need a hard to find item? Come check out the incredible inventory at