First Aid Comics and Doc Films

doc filmsjoining forces to bring you our next big event:

Friday January 24th at 7pm & 10pm
The screenwriter Sam Hamm
will be on hand for Q&A at 9:15pm
between the screenings.
Tickets are $5 at the Box Office.
(Quarterly Membership: $30)

Tim Burton, 1989: Eschewing the usual first-installment origin story, the film drops our hero (Michael Keaton) straight into a confrontation with the Joker (Jack Nicholson), who wages war on Gotham City with deadly laughing gas-and has an unexpected connection to Batman’s past. Burton’s take on the Bat-Universe helped pave the way for future superhero films as it captured the freakish nature of the caped crusader. 35mm

Doc Films location:
Max Palevsky Cinema
Ida Noyes Hall
The University of Chicago
1212 East 59th Street
Chicago, IL 60637
Hope to see you at the show. If you come, be sure to check out our our booth in the lobby.



James Nurss



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