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From Bleeding Cool Magazine…

Superhero Life Expectancies

Right In Hyde Park: Children’s Book Fair! Sunday Sept. 21st

Children's Book Fair 2014001

Another great local show. If you get a chance, we hope you’ll be able to attend this local event. Unfortunately, First Aid Comics will not be able to set up, as we will already be traveling to a show in Cincinnati, OH. But hope to attend in 2015.


Other World Comic Con – Coming later this month Sept 27 & 28

Other World Comic Con

A great new show! Aurora will be holding its first ever comic book convention called Other World Con (hosted by Rotten Apple Studio).  Aurora has a very tight-knit art community in their downtown area. If you would like to take part in this Historic comic book convention or have any questions please email or 
Unfortunately, First Aid Comics will not be able to set up, as we will already be traveling to a show in Nashville, TN. But hope to attend in 2015. 


Charles E. Stands Up at First Aid Comics: THIS WEDNESDAY!

IMG_20140903_152630 (2)

Wizard World Chicago Comic Con 2014


Thank you to everyone for visiting our booth at Chicago Comic Con 2014!
Wizard World Chicago 2014

Check out Ariel’s picture, used on!

Wizard World Chicago 2014 II

And another great picture on ICv2