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FREE COMIC BOOK DAY MAY 2nd – Free Comics, Huge Sale, and the Colossal Crossover Drawing!

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SEE US ON TV EVERY SATURDAY                 Free Comic Book Day

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See Our newest COMMERCIAL on MeTV & WCIU The U! With an exclusive Rhymefest Song!

Superman (MeTV)
Saturdays 5-6pm April 18, April 25, and May 2nd.
Batman (MeTV)
Saturdays 6-6:30pm April 18, April 25, and May 2nd
Wonder Woman (MeTV)
Saturdays 7-8pm April 18, April 25, and May 2nd
Star Trek (MeTV)
Saturdays 8-9pm April 18, April 25, and May 2nd
Svengoolie (WCIU The U)
Saturdays 11am-1pm April 25 and May 2nd
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Find MeTV:
WCIU-TV 26.3
WWME 23.1
Comcast 223, 357
RCN 14
WOW 198
AT&T U-Verse 23, 136
DirecTV 23
Find The U WCIU:
WCIU-TV 26.1
Comcast 26, 183 HD
RCN 6, 10, 207 HD
WOW 10, 207 HD
AT&T U-verse 10, 1010 HD
DirecTV 26 HD
Dish 26

WarHammer Returns to First Aid Comics: SUNDAY APRIL 12th!

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