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My Life Is a Poem

Why words are a super power.

“I am a poem written by hip-hop. I was born from the poetic lives my parents lived and was raised in a tragic city.
My story unfolds under the crumbling infrastructure of Chicago’s Southside. I saw words everywhere and my attraction to them was magnetic. ‘Hands to the Heavens, / no man no weapon, / formed against, yes Glory is destined. / Everyday women and men become Legends, / Sins that go against our skin become blessings.'” -Rhymefest


Rhymefest (Che Smith) is a writer, artist, activist, political organizer, and teacher. He has won a Grammy, Critics’ Choice Award, Golden Globe, and an Academy Award. He co-founded Donda’s House in 2013 with Kanye West and Donnie Smith. [And a great friend to First Aid Comics!]