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Hyde Park’s “Hip Hop Comic Shop Artist Signing”


STORE SIGNING RHYMEFEST PDF-page-0Chicago’s Rhymefest, two time Grammy and Oscar award winning, hip-hop ambassador, alongside Canadian artist Marco D’Alfonso, master of the pop culture mash-up, take Marvel’s staggeringly successful hip-hop variants to an all new level. The dynamic duo is synchronizing the release of Rhymefest’s tribute mixtape to the king of pop himself, Man in the Mirror (that’s right, Michael Jackson), with Marco’s captivating contemporary cover art. Checkout  their very own brand new hip-hop variant for the all new title International Iron Man #1! But it gets even better!! On Wednesday, March 16th at 6:00 pm, both artists will be at First Aid Comics signing albums and hip-hop variants!!!

CDs of Man in the Mirror and the International Iron Man#1 hip-hop variant, available for purchase at the event while supplies last!!!!

Date: Wednesday, March 16th 6:00 pm
Location: First Aid Comics in Hyde Park:
1617 East 55th street Chicago IL 60615, 773-752-6642


C2E2 PDF-page-0

The next event:

Rhymefest will be performing live at C2E2 on Sunday, March 20th at 3:15 pm. Following his performance, Rhymefest will sign CDs of MAN IN THE MIRROR and the INTERNATIONAL IRON MAN #1 hip-hop variant.

C2E2 Chicago McCormick Place
Sponsors: C2E2 & First Aid Comics
(Event is free for C2E2 attendees)

CDs of Man in the Mirror and the International Iron Man#1 hip-hop variant, available for purchase at the event while supplies last!!!!
C2E2 tickets available at First Aid Comics and


The Master of the Pop Culture Mash-up!

Marco D’Alfonso is a Canadian artist, freelance illustrator/designer whose work includes toy and video game designs, editorial illustrations, and comic book cover and interior art. His clients include Marvel Comics, Microsoft, Hasbro, CBS, and DC Comics. For Marvel and DC, Marco has worked on Harley Quinn, Justice League Unlimited, Supergirl, Marvel: International Iron Man, All-New Inhumans, Superior Spider-Man, All-New X-Men, Elektra, Weird World, and the Vision to name a few. Emerging from the heydays of the 80s Saturday morning cartoons and explosive sugary cereals, Marco draws his inspiration from animation, comics, contemporary art, and pop-culture. His stellar pop-culture mash-ups combine all these universes, and D’Alfonso puts his skills on display in his own website and a captivatingly hysterical online gallery ( & His work has been featured in various galleries across the country such as Los Angeles’ IAm8Bit and New York’s Bottleneck Gallery. Although his whereabouts are uncertain, rumor has it that he is currently hiding out somewhere in Toronto.


Marco D’Alfonso Websites:;



Che Rhymefest.jpgGroundbreaking hip-hop artist and key political figure Che Smith, a.k.a. Rhymefest, was named after revolutionary Che Guevara. He is a well-known figure on the Southside of Chicago, across the city, nationally, and globally as well. Rhymefest has achieved great success at every level: candidate for for 20th alderman in Chicago; ambassador of hip-hop for the United States to the UK (2006) for Prime Minister David Cameron and various political parties; Grammy award winning artist for his Jesus Walks (2005), Grammy nominated for New Slaves (2014); golden globe and Academy Award for his Glory written for the Academy Award nominated film Selma in 2015; and, most recently Grammy winner for his Glory in 2016! Rhymefest is clearly living up to his revolutionary name, taking hip-hop into all kinds of new musical contexts and into community organizing as well with a deep concern for politics at a local, national, and international level. Chicago is beyond proud of one of our best and brightest creative forces! Oh yes, and he really really likes comics.

For more information and biographies:

Rhymefest and Konee Rok’s animated music video for First Aid: Hip Covers